Syrus – from Descent Legends of the Dark

Syrus is my second hero from the Descent Legend of the Dark’s box. What a miniature! I mean, the phoenix! I know, I got too exited about Syrus since I saw the hero card.

The miniature is AMAZING! He has a very strong pose and you have plenty of space to play with highlights and colours. Let’s face it: the phoenix is the centrepiece here. Everything gravitates around the phoenix and she is also going to be the bigger source of light you need to acknowledge while highlighting Syrus ‘ clothes and skin.

I started by priming the miniature with an airbrush in black first. I’ve also provided with some zenithal highlights in grey first and finally in white (from above).

As I did on Vaerix, I used Scalecolor paints because I think the matt finish and the brilliant tones really work beautifully with this game.

Ok, back to the phoenix: after applying the base colours to Syrus, I gave her a white coat to help with the flames. I’ve basically wet-blended a very pale yellow at first with a darker yellow, an orange and finally a red. I’ve left some white spots here and there and I’ve painted them with a fluorescent yellow from Vallejo.

Here, I’ve summarised the major stages:

I am very happy with the final result and I can’t wait to see him on the tabletop.

Have a look at the gallery: