Inox Brute

Inox Brute – from Gloomhaven

Inox Brute is my very first miniature from Gloomhaven, and I am super exited about it! I don’t own the game, but I played it couple of times and it’s absolutely AWESOME! It brought me back to my Descent miniatures…

I always looked at the miniatures of this board game like “something I will paint someday”, now these days are here!

The Inox Brute was the perfect start for me: I like brutes and this is full of details – also, it’s my favorite colour range.

This Inox Brute is full of small details and also the skin is a lot of fun! I wanted to give the entire miniature sort of a gold-looking touch so I highlighted some part of the miniature to make it shine.

I used the wet-on-wet technique here and I think it worked pretty well with the details on the cloth, the leather and the gold parts too.

The most important part in my opinion here is shading: I shaded the miniature with Agrax Earthshade, Druchii Violet and Lahmian Medium. For the skin I miked Lahmian Medium with Lamenters Yellow.

I think it’s impossibile, but if you don’t know the game click this link to know more.

Have a look at gallery: