Spider-Man from Marvel Crisis Protocol

Now, after Captain America and Iron Man, Spider-Man was the obvious choice!

Despite the fact that Spider-Man looks “made” but just a couple of colours, it wasn’t very straight forward to paint. The web on the suit makes everything difficult and, also, I didn’t want to throw at it a plain red of paint. Yes, I highlighted every single square, one-by-one in order to give them a much enjoyable look.

The blue areas were quite easy to paint. I applied the base colours and then I pushed the highlights further using clearer tones.

Spider-Man miniature is placed on top of a piece of iron so I wanted to give it an old-metallic look and I’ve also added some rust and scratches trying to make it looks “real”… at the end of the day, they are in the middle of something so a shining piece of iron wouldn’t make any sense.

Back to the red parts, I’ve used 3 or 4 tones of reds – adding some white for the brightest highlights.

Have a look at the gallery:

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