Paint on commission

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying my website so far and its content.

Very recently I started a paint on commission service.

I am based in Ireland (just for you to know) and will happily paint sets or single minis from any board-game.

They will be finished to a good table-top standard at the best of my abilities. Of course, this is a handmade job so the result could be slightly different from the picture you may see around or onto my website. Prices vary depending the level of quality you require as well as size of the miniatures. I can order items for you, but will require payment for them before I do so.

If you would like to discuss a project with me, please contact me on

Before I start work on your project, we will discuss exactly what you are looking for, a colour scheme, the standard you require etc, give you an estimated completion time and quote you a price.

During the painting process process I will send you photos to show you how the project is progressing. When the project is finished I will send a completed photo, and if you are happy, take payment, and securely send you your finished item(s).