Brynn – from Descent Legends of the Dark

Brynn is a very fascinating miniature: wearing a shining armour, long brown hair. She is just very distant from the image of an Avenger you may have in mind!

This character Brynn is all about honour and valour, and this is something I wanted to keep in mind while painting this miniature. The shinier the merrier!

I started with the face: I used a very pale tone at the beginning. I kept that tone (with some highlights here and there) because I wanted to build a nice contrast with the armour.

Brynn’s armour is shining gold. Isn’t gold only, tho. There is a lot of copper too. The two colours work just very well together. On a miniature that small I didn’t want them to get mixed.

I felt like when I painted my very first miniature – Syndrael – I wanted the armour to shine so badly that I’ve almost forgot about everything else! I discovered that Doombull Brown it’s just the perfect copper tone, and it loves Retributor Armour!

Fun fact: I used by mistake a glossy varnish on this miniature. This means Brynn looked “different” from the other heroes.

At the end I had to repaint the non-glossy part of the model, face included, but I left the shining varnish on the armour, and it’s just awesome!

Have a look at the gallery:

Agrax Earthshade
Retributor Armour
Corax White
Nulin Oil
Abaddon Black
Rhinox Hide
Doombull Brown
Reikland Fleshshade
Kislev Flesh
Steel Legion Drab
Gorthor Brown
Basilicanum Grey
Gryph-Charger Grey
Flesh Tearers Red
Wild Rider Red
Doombull Brown
Screaming Bell
Thunderhawk Blue
Grey Knights
Steel Aethermatic
Blue Lothern
Blue Flayed One
Flesh Balor
Brown Skrag Brown