The Fae – from Descent Legends of the Dark

Time for a foe, or a Fae in this case! The Fae is the first monster I paint from the Descent Legends of the Dark box.

This is a very interesting miniature. It’s composed by a three small and very colourful figures!

The Fae took me a while to be honest, just to analyse the model and see all the details it is made of. Every single little friend is different and has a very unique color scheme. Some have wings, some have 4 harms, some have a big nose… it’s like painting madness itself!

To reflect the color scheme, I wanted the Fae to be full of colours. I wasn’t afraid to use gold and other metals to highlight the wings some other small parts.

At the end, I am very happy with the result, but if I can give you a small piece of advice here is to spend some time in identifying all the details these miniatures contain – there are a lot! Also, don’t pay too much attention to the character’s card: just imagine how a Fae should look like to you and do it!

I used regular paints for the miniature. Also, I used Contrast paints for the wings to create a smoother transition.

Have a look at the gallery:

Agrax Earthshade
Abaddon Black
Black Templar
Talassar Blue
Gryph-Hound Orange
Blood Angels
Red Mootm Green
Magos Purple
Shyish Purple
Dryad Bark
Creed Camo
Akhelian Green
Iyanden Yellow
Corax White
Kabalite Green
Coelia Grenshade
Sybarite Green
Cadian Fleshtone
Volupus Pink
Leviadon Blue
Spacewolf Grey
Druchi Violet
Aethermatic Blue
Pink Horror
Reikland Fleshshade
Kislev Flesh
Ushabti Bone
Screaming Skull
Emperor's Children
Doombull Brown
Ultramarines Blue
Dorn Yellow