Ravaella Lightfoot

Revaella Lightfoot – from Descent Journeys in the Dark

Ravaella Lightfoot is the very last miniature of the Shadow of NereKhall expansion, so it means I’ve finally completed the box!!

Ravaella Lightfoot is a very small miniature, but very fun to paint. Her red hair, the clothing… too bad my miniature was a little damaged (the face wasn’t really well made), but it’s fine!

I choose to paint the skin using Contrast Paint from Citadel (I love the final result). In fairness, I used a mix of Contrast paints and regular paints – I like how they work together.

Something I would like to highlight here is that the miniature could be easily flatten using the colours from the hero’s cards: so I decided to go for a pair of clearer trousers and to highlight the top (and the cloak) a little further to better define boundaries and borders.

To be consistent with all the other heroes of the game, I rebased the miniature onto a super cool base from Micro Art Studio and I have also added some flowers and scenic elements to it.

Now, it’s time to focus on Descent Legends of the Dark!! Can’t wait to start!!!!!

Have a look at the gallery:

Paint List
  • Talassar Blue
  • Guliman Flesh
  • Snakebite Leather
  • Blood Angels Red
  • Stegadon Green
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Stormhost Silver
  • Hoeth Blue
  • Wyldwood
  • Apothecary White
  • Flat Blue
  • Medium Blue
  • Sky Blue