Chance – from Descent Legends of the Dark

Chance is the first animal-look-alike miniature – ok, Vaerix is an animal too, but he is not a pet! – I painted so far and I really enjoyed this furry friend! It’s a cat, but he is so full of details… or maybe it’s just because he is a cat and everybody loves cats! I am allergic BTW, but this is another story!

I think the goal here is to give Change a proper face. Only a small portion of this miniature’s face is visible, so it makes your live miserable if you screw up! Also, I wanted to paint the eyes, even if they are super small. Chance has his eyes very visible, so I think without this small touch the miniature would have feel incomplete to me.

Looking backwards, I would really suggest you to start with the base: it’s hard to miss the miniature if you want to apply some dry paints.

Our friend’s cloak is purple, but it would require some pink-ish tone to highlight it. This was my first experiment with pink, I am happy with the final result.

For this miniature, I used a mix of standard and contrast paints. You can find here the full set of Contrast paints Citadel can offer.

I did the tail multiple times, because I wanted to give to it a peculiar tone. Hard to explain, but I didn’t want it to look just primed in grey.

Have a look at the gallery:

Mechanicus Standard Grey
Longbeard Grey
Agrax Earthshade
Drakenhof Nightshade
Athian Camoshade
Gryph-Charger Grey
Straken Green
Castellan Green
Averland Sunset
Steel Legion Drab
Xereus Purple
Lahmian Medium
Druchi Violet
Genestealer Purple
Pink Horror
Corax White
Adminastratum Grey
Nulin Oil
Dryad Bark
Mournfang Brown
Warplock Bronze
Brass Scorpion
Runefang Steel
Abaddon Black