The Tinkerer

The Tinkerer – from Gloomhaven

The Tinkerer is another miniature from Gloomhaven, my first commission.

What can I say about the Tinkerer… it’s very SMALL!! Despite its size, the miniature is full of small details that you must catch if you want the miniature to look nice when it hits the tabletop.

The Tinkerer I think works really well with metallic details, that’s the reason why I chose to use proper metallic paints, from both Citadel and Green Stuff World. This way I could focus on the quality of every single element instead of trying to render a metallic effect using regular paints. Yeah, that also make it quicker, but this wasn’t the main reason!

I didn’t rebase the Tinkerer for continuity.

The rest of the miniature that I didn’t paint with a metallic paint, is mostly brown – many, many different shades of course. I like the idea of mixing gold and copper with some leather-like tone. Tomble (from Descent Journeys in the Dark) is another example (still a small miniature, tho)

I am happy enough with the final result and I need to keep up with this commission – Frosthaven is already out so hopefully another commission is coming! 🙂

Have a look at the gallery: