Vaerix – from Descent Legends of the Dark

Vaerix is the first miniature I paint from Descent Legends of the Dark’s box. What a mini! I mean, this box is full of stunning minies and I really can’t wait to paint ’em all!

This game’s miniatures are bigger and stunning, so you can really see the details (and the flaws) of every single brush stroke.

Vaerix is a dragon with no wings. His skin is “lizardy” (different from the Shadow Dragon), the pose is strong and also the base is full of amazing details, like the crystals.

I wanted an opaque finish but with brilliant colours. I decided to use mostly Scalecolor colours. I used a wet palette so I reduced the amount of wasted paint and I’ve also mixed the paints properly. I’ve decided to thin the paint a little bit further adding a drop of water because I wanted the details underneath to come through.

While applying the base colours, I gave Vaerix some highlights too using the gradients from the palette (before shading the miniature).

Again, I focused on the crystals because I wanted them to stand out.

For this miniature, I followed His Majesty Sorastro’s guide – have a look at the video!

I will approach this box differently this time: all the heroes first! 🙂

Have a look at the gallery:

Paint List
  • Scalecolor Ardennes Green
  • Scalecolor Gobi Brown
  • Scalecolor Nacar
  • Scalecolor White Sands
  • Scalecolor Abyssal Blue
  • Scalecolor Black Forest Green
  • Scalecolor Graphite
  • Scalecolor Mars Orange
  • Scalecolor Petroleum Grey
  • Scalecolor Fuchsia
  • Scalecolor Sunset Purple
  • Scalecolor Tenere Yellow
  • Scalecolor Eldandil Violet
  • Scalecolor Lilith Yellow
  • Scalecolor Hykey Yellow
  • Scalecolor Purity White
  • Citadel Athonian Camoshade
  • Citadel Coelia Greenshade
  • Citadel Gryph-Charger Grey
  • Citadel Agrax Earthshade
  • Citadel Nuln Oil