Avric Albright

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

Fun fact: so, I painted Avric Albright very long time ago but I totally forgot to take pictures of this work. Because of that, sorry, Avric, it seem like my memory is fading! 🙂

Avric Albright it’s a warrior. Hence, all this decorative details. Certainly, it’s a very satisfying miniature to paint. There is a big difference here: in short, I decided not to highlight the miniature, hence I glazed down the darkest areas instead. Also, this is just another technique. Similarly (more or less) of some sections of the Shadow Dragon, for instance.

First of all, I primed the miniature in white and, later, I applied my base colours (using the character’s card as a reference, by the way). Secondly, I painted the skin, because it’s easier at this stage, and the armour lastly. Finally, the blue areas. However, don’t worry about the cloak’s trim, you can clean it up later on.

Finally, the shading

So, the shading: I applied Agrax Earthshade and Casandora Yellow for all the brown/yellow areas. Similarly, I choose Druchii Violet, Lahmian Medium and Nuln Oil for the metal work, but in more than one layer.

Another trick: Glazing

In contrast with other miniatures, for the cloak I decided to glaze it down instead. Hence, I applied my glaze onto the shadowed parts of the model (because we need several layers, please note: the previous layer has to be dry before applying the next one!).

Finally, I provided some highlights on the blue sections because I wanted to avoid flat areas. Similarly for the yellow areas. Finally, I cleaned the edges of the cloak with some Ceramite White and I focused on the emblem on the shield right after. A very important part, probably…

In conclusion, I rebased the miniature on a nicer base from Micro Art Studio, likewise all the other heroes I painted so far.

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