The Barghest

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

The Barghest was my fist miniature and I was scared by the furs and how to make them stand out. Besides, I didn’t want to make them equal to each other and I wanted to introduce some variety. Same principle applied for the Cave Spiders.

The first one I painter was a brown-looking specimen. I primed the miniature in grey but I gave some zenithal highlight by providing some white from above.

I started with the exposed flesh (I strongly recommend to start from there because otherwise you could miss some details). For the fur I created a gradient from dark to light: Rhinox Hide, Tallarn Sand, White and Yriel Yellow. With a damp brush, I blended the color together starting from the lower part of the miniature (the darkest side). For the exposed ribs and the bones I used Screaming Skull.

I shaded the whole miniature with Agrax Earthshade and a hint of Druchii Violet.

Highlights: I didn’t provide too much highlights to the Barghest but I did provide some applying the same base colors on the edges and by painting the claws with pure white and the eye with some Tau Light Ochre.

I didn’t rebase the miniature but I user the Vallejo Stone Textures to create a nicer texture.

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