Cave Spiders

The Cave Spiders from Descent Journeys in the Dark

This is what happened when you paint the master Cave Spider but want to finish up the box so badly that you “forget” to paint the minion Cave Spiders! 🙁

After a while, I finally finished the series and I added interesting variations to every single element and this time, I’ve detached the bases to add a little bit of texture to them.

They were actually very easy to paint: I applied a super easy wet-on-wet technique, using just 3 gradients (more than enough in my opinion for miniatures like these).

I painted the master in black (kind of a black-widow look) but for the minions I used tones of brown. My suggestion: BATCH PAINT THEM ALL!!

For the bases I used some Vallejo Earth Texture and I let it dry before priming them. In details, I used the “Dark Earth” one. I din’t paint on this because I liked the natural colour and I think it’s a good contrast with the green of the pools I created.

Have a look at the gallery:

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