High Mage Quellen

High Mage Quellen from Descent Journeys in the Dark (Lair of the Wyrm)

The High Mage Quellen was the las miniature of the Lair of the Wyrm box so, another one has been now completed (I bought a new one already, stay tuned!).

High Mage Quellen is a very fun miniature to paint because it’s full of details and it’s very colourful.

I followed more or less the same principles I followed to paint the cloak of Leoric of The Book but I used different colours, of course. This miniature has a strong pose and I’ve tried to bring up all the details and to keep the facial expression.

I’ve chosen to rebase the miniature using a new base I bought from Micro Art Studio – strongly recommended – to give even more emphasis to the High Mage Quellen’s pose.

I used Citadel paints only this time and a brush size 1 was good enough for all the miniature (I used a size 2 for the base’s trim but only because I am lazy).

Have a look at the gallery:

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