The Ettin

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

Finally, the Ettin! I couldn’t wait to paint this miniature! I never played with the skin too much and this was the best way to learn!

It’s actually very important to provide a good prime here. I primed the miniature using black, grey and white, to mark the area of light and shade. Zenithal is very important for bigger miniatures like the Ettin, the Dragon and so on…

The base colors? Mostly were focused on the skin. I blended together a couple of tones using a wet palette. Then, I provided some shade selectively to push the highlights further.

About the skin: I just mixed together the tones I created on my wet palette (6 tones in total). I blended them all using a damp brush to smooth the edges.

I didn’t rebase the Ettin this time but I made it nicer using grass and other scenic effects. You can buy some grass and stones on eBay.

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