The Familiar

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

Ok ok, I need to explain: there is no “official” miniature for the familiar but I was tired of using that annoying cardboard token so I came up with this miniature (from Warhammer). I bought a box full of skeletons and I just picked the one I liked the most. Just in case, if you are interested in getting some skeletons, I bough it on Wayland Games.

It suits perfectly the size of the other miniatures and the necromancer has finally a “real” miniature to summon! Leoric will be happier now!

I painted the Familiar with Screaming Skull and I used Retributor Armor, Abandon Black and Stormhost Silver for the shield and the spike. I shaded the whole miniature with some pure Nuln Oil.

For the base, I mixed a little of glue with water and I glued some modelling flock and a little grass (follow the links to go to the relevant eBay sellers).

I know that, following the rules, a miniature could stay on the same space of the Familiar. The original token would make this scenario easier to handle but, come on! Having a Familiar in the flesh (uhm, not really!) it’s awesome!

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