The Flesh Moulders

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

The Flesh Moulders were the last batch of miniature I painted so far.
The trickiest part was trying to provide a nice touch of reflection on the relevant area (close the whirl of magic).

Even if they don’t look easy to paint, I was surprised in seeing how easy it actually was.

I used different colors for the whirl just to make them different from each other and have some variety on the tabletop.

The Flesh Moulders’ skin is again the most prominent area or the miniatures but the focus is actually the whirl of magic the have above their heads. I tried to scale the main colour I chose with similar shades of the same base to create a “movement” effect and avoid a flat result. Most importantly, I applied here a white undercoat before the base colours to have a better base.

I shaded the skin with Reikland Fleshshade with a small touch of Druchii Violet. For the red areas I used Fuegan Orange with, again, a small touch of Druchii Violet.

I didn’t rebase the miniatures (I usually rebase the heroes only) but made the original base more scenic using Citadel Agrellan Badland. It cracks and you don’t really need to add anything else because it makes the base scenic enough (to me, at least). I love technical paint and I used them on Zombies too.

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