The Ironbound

The Ironbound from Descent Journeys in the Dark

I still have lots of miniature to paint from the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion, but I couldn’t wait to paint the Ironbound! I don’t have lot of experience with metallic paints and I didn’t want to apply any NMM technique this time. So the time was right to try some proper metallic paint! I choose the ones from Green Stuff World (strongly recommended!).

The Ironbound is basically a warrior made of steel (iron and gold mostly). It’s a pity the miniature is not that well defined and it’s a little bit different from the card, but it was perfect for my little experiment.

I painted the Ironbound using the Colorshift Chameleon Metal paints. Also, I choose to paint one Ironbound using a different type of gold (with a small touch of red). I used Burning Gold for the Master and Mystic Gold for the minion. However, I used the same silver for both of them.

I didn’t rebase the Ironbound, but I added some small details to the existing bases to add some variety (similar to the Zombies, but with a little touch of green! 🙂 )

First of all, I primed the miniatures in black – metallic paint works much better on black miniatures! Then, metallic paints need to be applied in 3 or 4 layers.

Have a look at the gallery: