Tomble Burrowell

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

I thought that Grisban was the smallest miniature in the box but I was wrong: Tomble Burrowell is even smaller!

Tomble is a very fun miniature to paint and it’s full of small details. I used my 000 and 00 brushes only. Guess why! 🙂
I would suggest to use a very sharp brush because otherwise our friend Tomble won’t make your life easy!

I primed the miniature in black at first and I gave some highlight using the white primer from above. As a result, I’ve got a nice zenithal primed miniature.
Because the skin was was quite easy to paint actually, I focused mostly on the brown areas (I love brown and all its shades).

Besides, I used some gold to pick up the trims around the armour and the details on belts and bags.

So, with the base colors dry, I shaded the white shirt using Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade in equal parts with some Medium. You can use water instead but I choose Medium because it offers a smoother finish. For the rest of the miniature I used Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade only. For the skin, I used Reikland Fleshshade.

With a wet palette, I played around with the base colors tones and I provided the highlight to the model. So, speaking of which, I focuses also on the bags and on the knives Tomble carries (and there is a very small knife attached to a leg too!).

As a finishing touch (and because I am picky), you could also try to paint the eyes (I tried to avoid them painting the face). If you did the same, so they should be still white and you only need a small (very small) touch of black for the pupil.

As usual, I rebased the Tomble Burrowell onto a more scenic base (by Micro Art Studio, they are amazing!).

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