Preston Fairmont

Preston Fairmont from Mansion of Madness

Preston Fairmont is my first miniature from the Mansion of Madness 2nd edition’s box. After Captain Marvel (Marvel Crisis Protocol, in general) and Descent, I couldn’t wait to paint something new and Preston Fairmont was the best character to begin with.

The character it a very “usual” rich guy in a very expensive suit. It’s full of details and I wanted to add some variety on the suit itself to avoid a “flat” look.

I worked a lot with the miniature’s skin and I tried to highlight the face in order to keep all the recesses.

To have fun, I’ve also rebased the miniature on a clear base I got from eBay: Mansion of Madness tiles are gorgeous and I didn’t want to cover them with heavy bases.

Please note: if you want to rebase all the miniature of the main box you need different sizes. This is what I got from the seller above:

You can find online few articles on how many bases you would need – just Google a little bit around.

I hope you like it – I am already working on some scary creatures so stay tuned!

Have a look at the gallery: