The Cultist

The Cultist – from Mansion of Madness

The Cultist, one of the most common miniature while playing the game. Let’s face it, they are a lot! six miniatures… only two things come to mind: let’s batch paint them & let’s use Contrast paints!

The Cultist don’t really offer a huge amount of variety. At least, I wanted to keep them all looking the same – I mean, it’s a cult, they should wear the same cassock!

However, the cultist has few details you can play with: a nice necklace and a big staff in his hand.

I decided to use Citadel’s Blood Angels Red for the cassock and Guilliman Flesh for the skin. I also used Apothecary White for the staff (lazy me!).

To add some variety to the cassock, I painter the trims with Naggaroth Night and the necklace with Retributor Armour.

I choose to rebase them all on clear bases (like I did with all other miniatures of this game, like my recent Deep One Hybrid, for example).

I am currently working on the Deep One, and then I will focus on the missing two miniatures of the main box – almost there!!

The cultist look a little like Magneto, does he not? – would this be the right time to buy another miniature for Marvel Crisis Protocol??

Have a look at the gallery: