The Star Spawn

The Star Spawn from Mansion of Madness

Finally the time came: the Star Spawn is ready to hit the tabletop!

I couldn’t really wait to paint the Star Spawn but I was a little afraid of doing that too: my idea since the very beginning was to give them a “alienish” look – I always imagine a Star Spawn in green (not plain green, of course) and the danger to end up with a mix of colours I wouldn’t have liked was very high. I decided to use mostly three variety of Citadel’s green: Caliban Green, Waaagh! Flash and Deathworld Forest. There was a need for a couple of middle tones too and I just mixed the main colours together doing kind of a scale. My palette looked like this:

  • Caliban Green
  • Caliban Green + Waaagh! Flash
  • Waaagh! Flash
  • Waaagh! Flash + Deathworld Forest
  • Deathworld Forest

I mixed all the colours above with some Glaze Medium from Vallejo (if you don’t have it, buy it! It’s a very useful tool you want to keep in your arsenal) to have some more time to work with the paint.

The Star Spawn has been primed in black at first. I added some grey primer from above and, still from above, finally some white primer.

I used the wet blending technique to create the shades: I applied the first color and the second one right beside. Then, I used a damp brush to mix them both together. I started from the wings and I follow the prime until I reached the result I wanted. I used the same technique painting the Shadow Dragon.

The Star Spawn was a really fun miniature to paint – I really enjoyed it and I am also very happy with the final result!

Have a look at the gallery!