Iron Man

Iron Man from Marvel Crisis Protocol

Iron Man is the most obvious choice after Captain America!
It wasn’t easy to deal with all the metalwork and to try to flat the miniature with a plain red color but I was super fun!

We all know Iron Man suit: a red piece of metal with a couple of golden elements (Tony Stark would kill me for the minimal description of his suits above)… how to make it looks nice and decent? The answer is “HIGHLIGHTS”!

Iron Man suits has to shine and I pushed the highlights very far from red to pink to white. Same for the golden parts: from gold to copper to pure yellow.

However, I was a little bit concerned about the contrast between red and pink, for example. Turned out the effect is stunning (and unexpected) and pink and red blend very well together – they both contribute to make Iron Man look great on the tabletop!

Marvel Crisis Protocol is full of scenery and elements to paint so you need to think at your miniature’s base, accordingly to the terrain you want to use. I tried to place the miniature on a street-look base that remembers me of New York.

Overall, this miniature me to experiment with metal and reflection – Ultron will be my next challenge on this matter!

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