Grisban the Thirsty

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

When I gave the first look at Grisban the Thirsty I said: “What??”. It looks really crazy to paint (well) all those small details but, at present, is one of the miniature I enjoyed the most! Yes, Tomble Burrowell is even smaller! 🙂

I primed the miniature in white and I applied the base colors right after (I waited for the primer to dry, of course). I started with the skin (in 2 layers), I painted later on the metallic details (a lot of hidden spots, BTW!), the red areas and finally the brown areas, starting from the keg. White (or ivory) for the beard, the trims on the slaves and the hairs.

I washed the brow areas, the beard, the hairs and the metallic parts (not the blade of the axe) with an equal mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian Medium. Reikland Fleshshade was my choice for the skin. I didn’t shade the cloak because I choose to provide highlight using the base colors and pushing them further with clearer tones.

The belly of Grisban the Thirsty is a key part so there I focused my efforts the most pushing the highlight further.

Again, I rebased the miniature on a more scenic base, from Micro Art Studio.

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