Orkell the Swift

Orkell the Swift from Descent Journeys in the Dark

Orkell the Swift is from Descent’s expansion “Shadow of Nerekhall“. I have to say, I love Descent’s miniatures but in this case I didn’t like its face: I think it was damaged somehow. Anyways…

Orkell the Swift has a very strong pose and he uses two axes (super bad-ass!!). Character’s colours are great and I found it very similar to Grisban the Thirsty. I uses more or less the same colours but this time I uses a brown Contrast Paint for the dark brown areas of the miniature – I just wanted to try both classic paints and Contrast.

I gotta admit, I was a little rusty but Orkell the Swift helped me to get back to business! 🙂

The miniature is full of metallic details but I some were hidden/removed by the damage I mentioned before. Anyways, I tried to stick to the original representation of the character (from the manual) and I am happy enough with the result.

I spent a little bit more on the axes just because I didn’t want flat blades. I used 3 different shades to add some details. The miniature was primed in white and the base in black.

I rebased the miniature on a MicroArt Studio base – I love those bases!!! – and I added just a couple of finishing touches to it, just to enhance the final result.

This Descent’s expansion is full of miniatures and I can’t wait to embark on a new avventure – Maybe next time will be a monster (just to keep the balance!). I think all the miniatures in the box are pretty great and all the villains are awesome – the Hulks, for example! Stay tuned, I will work on the remaining miniatures pretty soon!

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