The Elemental

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

Water, fire, stones and wind – the Elemental is the perfect mix!

The Elemental is amazing and paint all the elements one by one is a good exercise.

I primed the miniature in white and I decided to apply the base colors, starting with the wind. For that, I used Mechanicus Standard Grey darken with a little black for the darkest stone. I made a medium tone and a light one and I blended them together using a damp brush.

For the water, I used 2 tones made by Ceramite White, Stegadon Scale Green and Sotek Green.

The fire: I used Yriel Yellow as base coat. For the rocks I used Steel Legion Drab, darken with some black.

The part I liked the most? The sea foam between the water and the fire! I used Valhallan Blizzard for that.

Like the Ettin or the Dragon, I didn’t rebase the miniature. I just decided to paint it over.

Have a look at the gallery:

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