The Ettins – Completing the series

The Ettins are ready to hit the tabletop!

Finally the Ettins are both ready! Yes, I spoke several times about the importance of a nice batch painting session but I was young and I wanted to to use my time to paint other miniatures… if you are thinking the same = WRONG!!

I used the very same paints I used for the first Ettin but this time I changed the base a little bit.

You get it already, I encourage you all to batch paint your miniatures but I want to tell you about a nice surprise: the RedgrassGames handle, RGG 360! You can see a couple of pictures down below. It was an amazing experience: you can rotate the miniature keeping the handle on your hand – this is super convenient. The only “uhm” point is the anchor time. It uses a paste (like blu tack?). I don’t know, maybe I would have prefer a better anchor system (like the Citadel one) for my miniatures but it still worth the money. Check their website and see their products, the link is above.

Have a look at the gallery:

Paint List