The Fire Imps

The Fire Imps, from Descent Journeys in the Dark (Lair of the Wyrm)

The Fire Imps were the miniatures I was really looking forward to paint, since I’ve got Lair of the Wyrm.

I think the best part of The Fire Imps miniature are the flames! I’ve worked with flames before (while painting the Elementals) but here the flames are much more prominent so you need to be careful not to burn your brushes on them! 🙂

I primed The Fire Imps in white and then I provided with an yellow undercoat. This really help to “start the fire”. The paint list is very short for the flames: yellow & red. I mixed a little red into my yellow to create an orange middle tone. Why? Because we need to wet-blend the yellow and the red together so a middle tone is MANDATORY!

I covered all the flames in yellow and I immediately painted the tips in red. I used a middle tone (the orange) to blend yellow and red together. Once dry, I used a shade for the very top-top-top-tips to provide a smoky finish to the flames.

For the Imps I used two different reds but I wanted them to stand out beside the flames so I didn’t use the same red I used for the flame. With these two reds I provided an initial base colour and I highlighted it with a lighter tone. Later, I mixed into the lighter tone a little white to push the highlights a little further.

Have a look at the gallery:

Paint List