Widow Tarha

from Descent – Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition)

Ok Widow Tarha, green skin? Uhm… let’s try!

The contract between green and purple is fascinating and this character has an outstanding color balance. Besides, a lot of accessories and details make this Widow Tarha a great miniature to paint.

I primed the miniature in black but I provided some white from above to help bring out the details. I applied the base colors but I didn’t paint the trim on the scarf because I was 100% sure I would mess it up so I painted it later! 🙂

Because she has green skin (like the Goblins Archers, for example), I shaded it using Coelia Greenshade. I shaded the brown areas and the staff with Agrax Earthshade. I added to it some Lahmian Medium and, with this mix, I shaded the trim on the boots and the bones all around the miniatures. To the previous mix, I added some optional Druchii Violet and I used it to shade the furry headdress.

I decided to push the highlight very far on the skin, especially around the knees and, for the cloak, I applied again the same tone of its base color but I made it lighter adding some Genestealer Purple and some white to push it further.

I rebased the miniature on an awesome base from Micro Art Studio.

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