Hunting Horrors

Hunting Horrors – from Mansion of Madness

Hunting Horrors are my first monster of the main box and I gotta say, I found them very fun to paint!

I batch paint the Hunting Horrors (only two of them in the box) and I first primed them in black.

I don’t really know that Hunting Horrors are so I decided I want to give them a snaky-look, trying to make the impression of the skin changing with color with the light.

First color for my miniatures was Citadel Waaagh! Flesh. For the purple part I used Xereus Purple. These were just the base colours. I let them dry and I applied a shade with Biel-Tan Green.

Later, I applied some highlights but brightening the green sections by adding some Vallejo Ivory to the original Waaagh! Flesh, in a couple of stages. For the purple, I did my highlights by using Genestealer Purple.

I painted the eyes using Evil Sunz Scarlet and I added some Trollslayer Orange to it, for the highlights. Same for the tongue. Teeth were painted just in Ivory and claws with Abandon Black.

When dry, I applied a wash with some ‘Ardcoat – with the aim to keep the skin fishy enough.

I have Preston Fairmont, now I have two monsters – I think I need to paint another investigator now!

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