The Deep One

The Deep One – from Mansion of Madness

The Deep One is a very interesting miniature to paint. Also, I think, these characters really give you enough space to make your own interpretation of their look.

The Deep One is kind of a fishy-but-still-a-lizard miniature, and that’s all the fun!

I decided to pain the Deep One using the same schema I used to paint the Hunting Horrors and give them a fishy finish using Citadel’s ‘Ardcoat.

The most interesting part is definitively the skin: I decided to use green as the main color and I’ve also highlight it with different shades of green and finally with Ogryn Camo. I painted the fins in purple and pink and the face by mixing all the color up to blend them properly.

I rebased the figures to a clear bases for consistency. About that: try not to use superglue, it would leave stains on the bases. Try this one instead: Ravell Contacta Professional – this is a much better glue and it’s ideal for modelling.

I found difficult to batch-paint the Deep One: every single one needs attention and I ended up painting all of them one by one.

Have a look at the gallery: