The Priest of Dagon

The Priest of Dagon – from Mansion of Madness

I was on my journey to complete the main box and the Priest of Dagon was next! After painting the Cultist, it was the obvious choice!

The Priest of Dagon is a very fun miniature to paint. Well, it’s just human it doesn’t mean it’s boring!

To add some variety, I decided to paint this miniature clothes with different colours (compared with the Cultist). I choose to paint the cassock in black and I’ve also used some red, purple and gold for the additional details.

I painted the Priest of Dagon skin using a contrast paint from Citadel (Guilliman Flesh). Very happy with the final result. Please remember to prime your miniatures in white if you want to use Contrast Paints.

I focused my attention on the details on the staff, the hat and the cassock’s trims.

I decided to rebase the miniature (just because I rebased all of them) to a clear base.

Of course, now I will finish the main box (only one miniature left!), but I think I will take a break from Mansion of Madness: I still have an expansion to paint, but I think I will focus on finishing Marvel Crisis Protocol… one box at a time! 🙂

Take a look at the gallery: