William Yorick

William Yorick – from Mansion of Madness

William Yorick is my favorite investigator while playing the game and I was really looking forward to paint the miniature!

Our friend William Yorick here is a gravedigger but it looks fancy after all. I like to think he likes to act: this would explain why he is holding a skull like Hamlet! 🙂

Another reason why I really like William Yorick is because the color or the character (at least, the color I wanted for him) are my favorite colours: I don’t know why, I found myself good in painting using the shades of brown. I suck with some other colours instead but I think brown works just fine for me. Another example here.

I used Skrag Brown, Steel Legion Drab, Rhinox Hide and XV-88 for the miniature and I think the mix worked just fine. If ups want to buy some colours, I would suggest Citadel. Here’s the link to the store.

Screaming Skull for the skull (of course), and some silver and gold highlights here and there.

A fancy character like this guy of course has a beard: I think it helped to give to the miniature a less flat look, especially around the face. I rebased the miniature to a clear shining one and you can see yourself the result below.

Have a look at the gallery!