Ultron from Marvel Crisis Protocol

Ultron is the miniature from the Marvel Crisis Protocol box I wanted to paint since I opened it. His shiny armor is very tempting but also very dangerous!

At the first sight, it looks like Ultron won’t require too many colors and this is actually true. However, it really depends on the approach you want to take: you can be lazy (like me) and use contrast paints + a silver primer or you can try to recreate the metallic effect by using a very complicate (but funnier) mix of colors.

I wanted to give to the miniature a “damaged” look – I mean, he is fighting, right?? Because of this, I tried to keep some shining parts and also some other “less brilliant” elements.

Ultron also has a few red spots but really you need a couple of drops of paint to do them.

There are thousands of versions of Ultron on line, but I really wanted to see real metal on his armor. For this miniature won’t be enough to recreate it with gradients and highlights, like I did with Iron Man.

I started using some Contrast Paints from Citadel but I have to admit, they take away all the fun. They are not that bad and I will paint some other miniature with those but I don’t think they will be used again on other boxes. If you are interested in using Contrast Paint, have a look at the Citadel ones. They are very good in terms of the final effect and the miniatures turn out just fine for the table top! Yeah, I don’t like them much. There are some advantages, tho: you could really paint a whole box in one day!

Have a look at the gallery!