Elementals – Completing the box

Finishing up the Elementals.

Elementals = more than one Elemental! When I started painting miniatures I was very exited to do always something new. Well, I should hold my horses instead! 🙂

Descent – Journeys in the Dark’s box needs to be finished and I have a lot of unpainted miniatures yet to complete. I painted one Elemental long time ago and I needed to finish the series – So here I am.

The Elementals are quite fun miniatures to paint and now, after a very long time, I used some tricks I learnt on my journey to complete the missing miniature.

Something else I learnt? To batch paint all the miniatures of the same series, going forward, as I did with the Zombies or with the Goblins!

I wanted to make the minion a little bit different from the Master so I used Agrellan Earth for the base for an arid look a few small stones to finish up the base. I don’t know why but I LOVE using Valhallan Blizzard where the fire meets the water – I found it very satisfactory

Have a look at the gallery:

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