Reynhard the Worthy

Reynhard the Worthy, from Descent Journeys in the Dark (Lair of the Wyrm)

Reynhard the Worthy is the first hero from the Lair of the Wyrm expansion. With the main box completed, I could finally focus on something else!

Reynhard the Worthy is a warrior. The miniature is a funny mix of metal parts, leather & fabric so I applied several techniques I learnt so far.

I mixed some Stormhost Silver with Celestra Grey to “smooth” the armour (like a did painting Avric Albright) and I painted the sword deepening the darker tone of the lower part of the blade (like I did painting Grisban The Thirsty).

It was the right opportunity to rebase Reynhard the Worthy on an awesome base from Micro Art Studio – like all the other heroes of the game.

I like to play with the shades of blue and this miniature also gave me the possibility to work on highlighting the (blue) tunic.

I added some additional elements to the base to reach a sort of consistency with the other heroes.

Have a look at the gallery:

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