The Riot

The Riot from Mansion of Madness

The Riot is… the Riot! Pretty self-explanatory 🙂

The Riot is a very interesting miniature to paint and there is room for a lot of fun and variety. First of all, because there are six figures in total to paint. Secondly, because you need to differentiate them between each other.

Six human figures means six different set of clothes, six different hairs, details and so on…

In my case, I had fan trying to find a nice combination of colours to make six different outfits, trying to remember that this is the riot, after all – no fancy stuff!

Every single figure has a strong pose, so I tried to highlight some details trying to “describe” with my paint the behaviour of every single person. One is yelling, another one is ready to kick a**es, another one is just ready to deal with someone’s first move. I tried to do that by emphasizing some small details, like the hands, the faces and so on.

To paint this miniatures I used Citadel’s Contrast Paints. It made everything easier to deal with and gave me time and space to focus on the expressions of every single character.

I rebased the riot on a clear base (get them from eBay), for consistency with the other miniatures I painted so far from this game.

Also, I wanted to differentiate the “casual” look of these miniatures with the more formal one you can see looking at the investigators (like William Yorick or Preston Fairmont).

Now, they are ready to hit the tabletop!!

Have a look at the gallery!