Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel from Marvel Crisis Protocol

I started Captain Marvel, after High Mage Quellen but I stopped because the Summer was calling me elsewhere! 🙂

Captain Marvel miniature it was fan to paint and it’s the one I enjoyed the most (from this game box). I wanted to create a sort of “link” between her and the other miniatures od the game by using the same palette I used for Spider-man and other miniatures.

I had much fun with the yellow parts and I played a little bit with the blue areas. Besides, I started to provide a white undercoat here and there to push a little forward the highlights in some area (her shoes, for example).

For the base, I decided to be consistent with the other miniatures – maybe I will do a terrain at some point – but I places some stones to intensify the effect of the main stone coming up from below.

Have a look at the gallery:

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